Chinese Shorts Showcase 华流短片展

Xinjiang Shorts


电影节和华语独立电影串流平台CathayPlay 合作推出四部来自中国新疆的剧情短片。从哈萨克语作品《收获月影的季节》《别克》到维吾尔语电影《布谷鸟》《拼车》,从小孩的故事说到成年人的剧情,这套短篇集,让我们一窥新疆哈萨克族和维吾尔族的世界。

SCFF and CathayPlay, an independent Chinese film streaming platform, jointly launch four short stories from Xinjiang, China. These include two Kazakh-language productions Little Warrior and Bek and two Uyghur films The Cuckoos and Elephant in the Car. Through stories of childhood to adulthood, this set of short stories gives us a glimpse of the world of the Kazakh and Uyghur in Xinjiang.


China|2020 | Drama|21 mins | PG13 (Some Mature Content 内容只宜十三岁及以上)
Languages: 哈萨克语 Kazakh
Subtitles: 中英字幕 English & Chinese subtitles
Director: 景一 JING Yi

Premiere Status: 东南亚首映 Southeast Asian Premiere

主演 Cast:

简介 Synopsis:


Arsin has been seeking Bek unsuccessfully for many years when he finally finds a clue. He decides to return to their common hometown to find Bek, but he does not expect that things are far more complicated than he thinks…

Elephant in the Car

China|2020 | Drama|17 mins | NC16 (些许粗俗语言 Some Coarse Language)
Languages: 华语、维吾尔语 Mandarin, Uyghur
Subtitles: 中英字幕 English & Chinese subtitles
Director: 伊克拉木 Ikram NURMEHMET

Premiere Status: 东南亚首映 Southeast Asian Premiere

主演 Cast:
Xiao WANG, Song WU, Rafayil, Ekrem ASKAR

简介 Synopsis:


It is an ordinary night in Beijing and Xiao gets off work late. She takes an Uber carpool with two Uyhgur boys who live in Beijing. As soon as they get in the car, the boys start talking in a languague that no one else understands.

This makes Xiao and the driver uncomfortable. However, the driver starts a conversation with the boys and they really hit it off. Xiao, who is in the front seat, feels uncomfortable and tells the driver she wants to get off.

Little Warrior

China|2021 | Drama|29 mins | PG
Languages: 哈萨克语, Kazakh
Subtitles: 中英字幕 English & Chinese subtitles
Director: 杜曼·布尔列斯汗 Duman BIRLESKHAN

Premiere Status: 东南亚首映 Southeast Asian Premiere

主演 Cast:
Darkhan OILANBEK , Dinara MAKEN Aimar ERBO+M9LAT Dalekhan KHADIR

简介 Synopsis:


Kazakh has an old tradition that every Kazakh boy over the age of five has to be circumcised in autumn. This traditional ceremony has a symbolic meaning that a boy is about to become a man.

This story is about a young Kazakh boy who comes to his grandfather’s house in the grassland of pastoral areas with his family, and goes through the traditional circumcision ceremony. During the process, he becomes fearful after discovering it is a medical surgery.

Although he tries to run away from it, he eventually goes through the ceremony. With the physiological changes, his character and thoughts change and he is on his path to adulthood…

The Cuckoos

China|2021 | Drama|27 mins | PG
Languages: 维吾尔语 Uyghur
Subtitles: 中英字幕 English & Chinese subtitles
Director: 麦尔哈巴·伊斯拉音 Marhaba ISRAYIL

Premiere Status: 东南亚首映 Southeast Asian Premiere

主演 Cast:
Zulmire EHMET, Ihtihar ABLIKIM

简介 Synopsis:


Zeynep goes to the countryside with her mother, wanting to see the cuckoo related to her name mentioned in the legend. In the countryside, she meets a boy named Ekper, and chooses to believe in him regardless of everyone’s rumors. However, the loss of an earring breaks their relationship. Before leaving, Zeynep decides to face her mistake and goes to look for Ekper in the woods. In the woods, there are cuckoo sounds everywhere, but Ekper is nowhere to be seen.