Festival Guests

曹昕怡 Zoey CAO

酷儿短片情 On LGBTQ
《过家家》 Play House


Zoey Cao majors in cinematography at Communication University of China. She is co-writer of the drama feature, Drifted In Life; and co-writer and director of photography of the drama feature, Chang’E. Cao has directed and written multiple short films namely Thin Ice, Devour, An Abortion, and A Backstage Conversation, among others.

詹京霖 CHAN Ching Lin

《一家子儿咕咕叫》 Coo Coo 043



Born in 1980, Chan Ching Lin is a filmmaker who has been paying close attention to the poor and underprivileged in Taiwan with his works. His first feature, The Island that All Flow By, which describes men’s struggle under capitalism, was nominated for Best New Director at both Golden Horse Awards, and FIRST International Film Festival.

His film Coo Coo 043, which features the peculiar cultural economic activity in Taiwan – pigeon racing, focuses on people who are disadvantaged and subsequently brings out the everlasting question of and struggle with national identity among Taiwanese.

张纬志 CHANG Wei-Chih

新北市纪录片奖 New Taipei City Documentary Awards
《沉默螺旋》 Spiral of Silence


Chang Wei-Chih engages in the production of ecological and science education films. Having been working as a photographer and film director for many years, his focus is on topics about biological sciences and aboriginal tribes. In recent years, ecological agriculture and fishery environmental issues in Taiwan are the main subjects of his documentation.

陈炜智 Edwin W. CHEN

Playwright, Director, Lyricist, Film and Theatre Critic and Researcher of Chinese-language Cinema

纽约大学艺术学院(Tisch School of Arts)电影研究所(Cinema Studies)毕业,2003年至2014年于北美《世界日报》撰作“百老汇”每周专栏,2006年起任教于上海戏剧学院、上海音乐学院。2017年起于IC之音竹科广播策划、主持《台湾电影笔记》节目,三度入围广播金钟奖,并于2018年获颁最佳艺术文化节目主持人奖。现为琼瑶家族筹备中之文创团队执行长。

Radio Broadcasting Golden Bell Awards Winner in 2018 (Best Art and Culture Show Host). Chen currently serves as CEO of the newly-established creative team funded by the family of the renowned writer Qiong Yao.

周德成 CHOW Teck Seng

新加坡文学奖、金笔奖得主 Winner of Singapore Literature Award and Golden Point Award



Chow Teck Seng is a Singaporean writer and poet who had won the Singapore Literature Award and the Golden Point Award. He had served as an adjunct lecturer in the Chinese faculty of local universities. His latest book, a poem collection, was selected by local Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao as one of the 2022 books of choice.

Some of Chow’s poems had been translated to English, French, and German, as well as made into micro-movies, songs, and drawings. In 2023, he is composing a novel reader that consists of the screenplay of short film The Fourth Man, and Chinese classic - Dream of the Red Chamber.

孔庆辉 HONG Heng Fai

《海鸥来过的房间》 Kissing the Ground You Walked On


Hong Heng Fai is a Macau filmmaker and theatre worker. His short film, Crash, had won awards at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, South Taiwan Film Festival, China Independent Film Festival, Firenze FilmCorti Festival, and was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film in the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.

Kissing The Ground You Walked On is his first feature film, which garnered three nominations at the 59th Golden Horse Awards, including Best New Director.

黄洵 Caleb HUANG

文学短片集 - 人生的过程 Singapore Short Stories
《长长久久》 For Always



Caleb Huang is an award-winning commercial filmmaker based in Singapore. He is much sought after for his exceptional ability to direct films that meld arresting visuals with masterful storytelling.

Crafting ideas to life with a cutting-edge vision that always keeps us in touch with what it means to be human, Huang now makes his foray into the world of long form content, hoping to take on bigger screens with his arsenal of directing skills. Most notably, his short films for PUB and Maybank have racked up awards regionally and internationally.

胡婧 HU Jing

《脐带》 The Cord of Life


An established film producer in mainland China with rich experiences in producing quality films, Hu Jing has worked with numerous first-time directors on making their debut films. At the same time, she strives to seek out young directors of great potential. Notable productions that Hu has worked on include The Eight Hundred, Mr. Six, The Cord of Life, When Larry Met Mary, The Eleventh Chapter.

胡智强 HU Jhih-Ciang

《一家子儿咕咕叫》 Coo Coo 043


Hu Jhih-Ciang is an emerging Taiwanese actor, his first film role was in Waiting for My Cup of Tea (2021). In the same year, he earned recognition for his phenomenal acting in Little Blue.

Hu was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 59th Golden Horse Awards for his performance in Coo Coo 043. His role in short film Revolt with Dragon has won him Best Performer Award at the 44th Golden Harvest Awards.

许美珍 Cynthia KOH

文学短片集 - 人生的过程 Singapore Short Stories
《第四个男人》 The Fourth Man



Cynthia Koh is a popular actress in Singapore who is known for her dedication to her craft and versatility to take on different challenging roles. Celebrating her 30th year in the acting industry in 2022, this effectively bilingual actress has showcased her talent across more than 70 drama series to date, which include her memorable performances in top-rated series such as Toufu Street, Stepping Out, and Holland V.

Her outstanding performance in Say Cheese, and My Star Bride won her accolades at the National Winner for Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2019 and 2021. Koh was named one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Singapore in Star Awards 2022.

刘国瑞 LAU Kok Rui

《白日青春》 The Sunny Side of the Street


Kok Rui Lau is a Hong Kong-based Malaysian writer-director. His short features, Let’s Get Lost, Have a Nice Day, How High The Moon, and Rootless in the City, were selected by various international film festivals.

His debut feature film The Sunny Side of the Street, has received six nominations at the 59th Golden Horse Awards, and won Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Leading Actor.

李铭顺 Christopher LEE

《做工的人 电影版》 Workers The Movie


2020年演出影集《做工的人》,获得迷你剧集/电视电影男主角奖。演出电影包括《目击者》、《缉魂》、《做工的人 电影版》等。

Christopher Lee made his acting debut in 1995 at a talent show, Star Search, which paved his way to fame in Singapore and Malaysia. His role in the Singapore edition of The Return of the Condor Heroes opened another career path for him in Taiwan.

In 2021, he received a Golden Bell Award for Best Leading Actor for his performance in a Taiwan mini series – Workers. Besides Workers The Movie, he has also starred in Who Killed Cock Robin, and The Soul, among other films.

林之 LIN Zhi

酷儿短片情 On LGBTQ
《我,等待刀尖已经太久》 A Soul Thus Disappears


A poet and an independent film director, Lin Zhi dedicates long-term commitment to female themes and poetic imagery content creation. Her focus is on magical realism aesthetic style exploration, and cross regional personalised imaging.

Her works attempt to look back at the destiny of human beings and the spirit of the times under the scenery of different civilisations, by way of literary texts and poetic audio-visual language.

卢盈良 Elvis A-Liang LU

《神人之家》 The Holy Family


Elvis A-Liang Lu is a Taiwanese documentary director. After graduating from the National Taiwan University of the Arts, he worked as a director and cameraman on several commercial and independent Taiwanese documentaries.

In 2017, he released his first feature-length documentary, The Shepherds, revolving around the story of Taiwan’s first LGBT friendly church. The film competed in the documentary section of the Taipei Film Festival, and was shown in the Sydney World Film Festival and the Czech Euro Kino Independent Film Festival. It was also selected as the closing film of Taiwan’s first Queer Film Festival.

A Holy Family is his second feature documentary.

乔思雪 QIAO Sixue

《脐带》 The Cord of Life

乔思雪出生于内蒙古,达斡尔族人。2015年毕业于3IS法国国际音像学院。2018年创作长片电影剧本《脐带》(漫游在蓝色的草原)入选2019年FIRST创投会,香港国际电影节第二届HAF Film Lab,2020年获北京国际电影节创投单元,获得第十届北京国际电影节项目创投“特别大奖”,2020中国电影金鸡奖金鸡电影创投大会“评委会推荐项目”。

Qiao Sixue was born in Inner Mongolia, China. After graduating from 3IS Ecoles & Formations d’audiovisuel à Paris de la France Academy, at the end of 2015, she worked at KOI Films Company in Paris and participated in dozens of short films. The Cord of Life is her debut feature.

The project was previously selected by project markets including HAF Film Lab 2019 (HongKong). In 2022, the project won the Special Prize at the Project Market of Beijing International Film Festival.

孙政 Ayden SNG

《七天》 Seven Days


Ayden Sng is an up-and-coming Singapore actor and musically-gifted talent. He shines as a lead role in Bryan Wong’s Channel U telemovie The Playbook. He joined Mediacorp in 2019 and was continuously offered important leading roles in local productions such as Loving You, The Unbreakable Bond, and other productions. Sng is also offered a major role in Hungry Souls, a collaboration with Zhao Wei Films and CJ Entertainment in 2022.

邓宝翠 Eva TANG

文学短片集 - 人生的过程 Singapore Short Stories
《岁月无声》 As Quiet As a Cloud



At the age of 21, Eva Tang was unanimously awarded Hong Kong Chinese Literature Award first prize for her prose, when she was an undergrad at the University of Hong Kong.

A journalist-turned-filmmaker, Eva pursued her Masters of Arts in Fiction Directing at the prestigious National Film and Television School in the United Kingdom. Her student film, While You Sleep, was the first short film by a Singaporean selected by the Venice Film Festival.

Her debut documentary, The Songs We Sang, has set the box office record for Singapore documentary. The Straits Times rated it one of the Best Movies of 2015.

郑弥彬 TAY Bee Pin

文学短片集 - 人生的过程 Singapore Short Stories
《第四个男人》 The Fourth Man

郑弥彬毕业于柏林国际电影节人才培养计划和鹿特丹制片人才工作室,其首部⻓片《早餐、午餐、晚餐》在近三十个电影节上映。他也是⻓片《晚五朝九》的制片人兼导演之一,该片获得亚洲电影奈派克奖提名。郑弥彬与中国合作的《⻓⻛镇》获颁亚洲电影基金,并在釜山国际电影节首映。2020年,他凭音乐录影MV《Orang Singapura》在首尔的Asia Web Awards获得最佳导演奖。

An alumnus of the Berlinale Talents and Rotterdam Lab, Tay Bee Pin's first feature film - Breakfast, Lunch Dinner - travelled to close to 30 film festivals. He also produced and directed feature film - 5 to 9, which was nominated for the NETPAC Award. Changfeng Town, which he co-produced with China, won the Asian Cinema Fund and premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019. In 2020, he was awarded Best Director at the Asia Web Awards in Seoul for his music video Orang Singapura.

涂翔文 Steven TU Hsiang Wen

《大侠胡金铨 第一部曲》 The King of Wuxia Part 1
《大侠胡金铨 第二部曲》 The King of Wuxia Part 2



Steven Tu has a master’s degree in communications from Tamkang University, and he is a researcher in Chinese swordsmen movies. He was appointed curator of the 13th to the 15th Taiwan Film Festival.

Tu has authored books on filmmaking A-listers, and Chinese swordsmen movies. Feature film The Fourth Portrait, which he had co-written, was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 47th Golden Horse Awards. He was also a member of the jury for the 50th and the 52nd Golden Horse Awards.

黄柏豪 WONG Pak Hou

《海鸥来过的房间》 Kissing the Ground You Walked On


Wong Pak Hou is a Macau theatre director and actor. He graduated from Graduate Institute of Theatre Arts and Playwriting, Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in acting. Since 2011, he has been a troupe instructor for the Macau Youth Theatre Troupe, and he is also a founding member of the Macau Experimental Theatre.

Wong has participated in more than 40 performances, and in recent years, he has been active in behind-the-scene work, such as directing, lighting design, and stage management.

吴可嘉 Grace WU

《七天》 Seven Days



Grace Wu was born in Chongqing, China. She graduated from Peking University with double degrees in Geology and Economics. She also obtained a master’s degree in business administration at INSEAD after years of working in the IT industry.

She is a multipotentialite who loves reading, traveling, food, and movies. In the early days of COVID-19, she set out to learn filmmaking with a humble goal of shooting a cool corporate video for her company.

Years later, that goal has yet to be achieved, but she managed to complete her short film Salvation, and feature film Seven Days, against all odds. She hopes to share her observations and insights through her films and get audience inspired.

吴俊皓 WU Junhao (吴重山 WU ChongShan)

酷儿短片情 On LGBTQ
《南方伊甸》 Farewell In The Rainy Season


Wu Junhao graduated from Communication University of Zhejiang in 2021 majoring in film production, and is currently studying MFA in Communication University of China. Wu is a young prep director who keeps questioning oneself and exploring the world.

雅慧 Ya Hui

《七天》 Seven Days


Ya Hui is one of Mediacorp’s most popular artistes. She has been in many local productions as leading actress such as Home Again, The Truth, About Us, among other works.

Ya Hui has consecutively won five times “Top 10 Female Artistes” in the Star Awards in the past five years. In Stars Awards 2022, she was nominated for Best Actress Award for her outstanding performance in television series, CTRL.

游安顺 YU An-Shun

《一家子儿咕咕叫》 Coo Coo 043


Yu An-Shun is an actor from Taiwan. His first acting role was in Hou Hsiao Hsien’s The Time to Live and the Time to Die (1985). Since 1990, Yu has also been appearing in numerous television dramas. He was nominated for Best Leading Actor at the 59th Golden Horse Awards for his performance in Coo Coo 043.

张弘榤 ZHANG Hong-Jie

新北市纪录片奖 New Taipei City Documentary Awards
《鲸之声》 Hearing from the Dolphin


Zhang Hong-Jie is an independent documentary director who uses the camera to observe and record social issues. He chiefly makes documentaries about social figures, and has filmed professional baseball players, reformed offenders, historic site preservation workers, female spirit mediums, indigenous persons, puppet opera performers, handicapped baseball players, and persons involved in whale conservation.

Zhang hopes to use documentaries to explore the world and communicate with society.